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Restor brings transparency, connectivity and ecological insights to restoration efforts around the world.

We are a science-based open data platform for everyone, everywhere.

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Analyse restoration potential for any area anywhere

Draw a polygon around your site of interest and get insights on:

  • Local plant species and their characteristics,
  • Current and potential soil carbon,
  • And other variables like land cover patterns, soil pH, and annual rainfall.

Monitor and manage all your restoration projects in one place

  • Create an account to save your polygon as a site.
  • Create or join teams to manage sites together.
  • Add your own photos, data files, and notes.
  • Monitor site change over time with best in class satellite imagery.

Share your projects to show progress and support the movement

  • Publish your sites to make them accessible to the Restor community.
  • Download images of your site to share with anyone you need.
  • Link from an external site directly to Restor.

Connect with the movement

  • Explore sites locally and globally.
  • Find potential partners doing similar work.
  • Search using a range of scientific and social filters.
  • Share contact information to connect directly with other users.

For more details on how to use Restor, visit the Help Center.

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