Science Advisory Council

Restor’s Science Advisory Council is composed of leading experts in social, political, and ecological sciences related to restoration. The Science Advisory Council exists to ensure that the best understanding, best practices for ecological restoration, and most effective approaches guide our work.


Amy Zanne
Professor of Biology
Bronson Griscom
Senior Director, Natural Climate Solutions
Colin Averill
Senior Scientist
Dan Maynard
Senior Scientist
Karen Holl
Laura Duncanson
Assistant Professor
Paul Smith
Secretary General
Pedro Brancalion
Peter Reich
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Priya Shyamsundar
Lead Economist
Rebecca Cole
Restoration Ecologist
Sasha Reed
Research Ecologist
Susan Chomba
Director for Vital Landscapes
Susan Cook Patton
Senior Forest Restoration Scientist
Thomas Crowther
Professor for Ecosystem Ecology, Founder of Restor