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Monte Novo - Galega (Site 3/3)

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Project Regenerative Organic Oliviculture Restoration by Orgo | Regenerative Biology Management Location: Alto Alentejo, Portugal Restoration: Rain-fed Olive Groves for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production Main goal: Introduction of several regenerative practices to restore ecosystem processes, with a special focus on soil biology health to improve water and nutrient cycles. The project takes a holistic approach to the land in order to achieve a successful and profitable transition from conventional to regenerative organic. Site Area: 3.79ha Olive Variety: Galega Number Trees: 764 Spacing: 7x7m UPDATE Plant Species Biodiversity - Baseline Assessment performed in December 2021: - 22 different species of plants were recorded for this project plot; - 56 different plant species for the Total area of the project (3 plots). Achievements: - Organic Certification conversion process started in December 2020. - Tilling practices were stopped in order to reduce soil disturbance. - No chemicals applied for 20 years. - Some Plant Sap Analysis were realized in Summer 2021. Next steps: - Baseline Assessments for the continuous Monitoring of areas (soil and plants field tests; soil biology analysis; soil chemical analyses; plant sap analysis, etc) - Mix Cover Crops small areas tests to improve soil structure and increase biodiversity. - Holistic Planned Grazing concept is to be integrated with the current Sheep grazing method. - Installation of bird nests, raptor perches and bat shelters. - Planting of hedges using native herbaceous plants to control soil erosion, retain water and increase habitats for insects and other beneficial animals. - Other Regenerative Practices adoption are being studied taking into consideration the local context but more Data still need to be collected from the field.

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  • Counteract climate change
  • Conserve biodiversity
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