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Bosque Memorial 2022 - Barcelona (DKV Seguros)


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Almost 1,000 trees have been planted in an area near Bellprat, in the Anoia region (Barcelona). The area suffered a fire in 2021 that devastated nearly 10,000 hectares. Memorial Forest is a DKV initiative to plant a tree for each Death and Life insurance customer who dies during the previous year. A way to pay tribute to these families while restoring forests in Spain. Paper postcards with lavender seeds have been placed on some of the trees. These postcards contain messages from family members and with the passage of time, their words become flowers that sprout at the foot of the new trunks. A DKV Memorial Forest restores biodiversity, mitigates the climate emergency, but also accompanies mourning. It's not about choosing between addressing climate change or human health. Taking care of ourselves is also taking care of the planet.

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