Gunung Sawur, Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa


Status: Ongoing

Type of intervention

Conservation and Ecosystem Protection

  • Pre-intervention land use

    Degraded forest

  • Start intervention


  • Post-intervention land cover

    Natural forest

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Lumajang Regency is often hit by disasters. In the highlands, landslides are common when heavy rains fall. On the other hand, the coast of Lumajang is continuously hit by abrasion so that the coastline is increasingly being eroded. This disaster had an unpleasant impact on the community because many socio-economic activities were disrupted. In 2020, the Lumajang-Malang route was unable to function because it was covered with landslide material. Until 2021, LindungiHutan has planted 1527 trees in a 3.8 ha area and absorbed 1.84 tonnes of CO2 e.k.

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