Muara Cisadene, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten


Status: Ongoing

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Conservation and Ecosystem Protection

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    Degraded aquatic habitats

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Cisadane estuary is one of the estuaries on the island of Java, precisely in Tangerang Regency. Starting from garbage that was washed away by river water, a small piece of land that was previously empty and only inhabited by mangrove plants, has now turned into a garbage island. For years, garbage from the area around the Cisadane River, Tangerang, has been stuck on this small island, causing it to pile up and harden like soil. Now, after all these years, the residents of Tanjung Burung Village, Teluknaga District, Tangerang Regency, Banten, are complaining about the existence of this trash island at the mouth of the Cisadane River. Residents say that most of the waste is industrial and household waste. Apart from polluting the environment, the waste also makes the mouth of the Cisadane River shallow. Until 2021, LindungiHutan has planted 429 trees in 429 ha of area and absorbed 51 kg CO2 ekv.

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