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Herdade de São Luís - Porcus Natura

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Regenerative prodution in Alentejo region, Portugal. A different way to raise, multi-species in the Montado system. Creating a self-sufficient model of agro-forestry system to share with future generations is our path. Integrate Man, Nature and livestock so that they can live on the same frequency, thus building a true Holistic World. - 650 hectares of cork and holm oak forests. - 50 ha for the production of cereals or cover crops, 25ha of which are irrigated. - 8 hectares of agroforestry where we plant 1000 trees of 8 different species. - Several water lines with very rich riparian galleries. An ideal agrosilvopastoral model to integrate different livestock species. We have a unique maternity system pig production model, integrated with nature designed 20 years ago. Next goals: - Create the perfect balance between the different species, - Plantation of 10 hectares of olive trees grove - Recover soil with the impact of different animal species, increase carbon sequestration, with grazing efficiency. - Reach the end customer with meat of the highest quality and nutritional density, with maximum animal well-being and a regenerative impact on the entire ecosystem.

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