Pesisir Ogotua, Kabupaten Toli-Toli, Sulawesi Tengah


Status: Ongoing

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Conservation and Ecosystem Protection

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    Degraded aquatic habitats

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Ogotua Coastal is the outermost region of Indonesia which is directly adjacent to Malaysia. The Ogotua fishing port has a strategic role in forming a national defense and security system to uphold the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Even so, the current condition of the Ogotua Coast is starting to worry because of abrasion which is slowly eroding the surrounding land. This is very troubling for the local community because their homes can disappear at any time if abrasion continues. LindungiHutan through nature campaign will plant Mangrove Rhizophora trees as an effort to prevent abrasion. In addition, mangrove roots have a function to trap sediments, and it is hoped that this will give rise to new land in the future. Mangrove roots can also accelerate the decomposition of organic waste and chemical waste that can pollute the sea. Until 2021, LindungiHutan has planted 2690 trees in 0.5 ha area and absorbed 317 kg CO2 ev.

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