Bukit Puntong Sumiak, Kabupaten Landak, Kalimantan Barat


Status: Ongoing

Type of intervention

Conservation and Ecosystem Protection

  • Pre-intervention land use

    Degraded forest

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  • Post-intervention land cover

    Natural forest

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Bukit Puntong Sumiak is one of the areas in Sidas Village, Landak Regency that young people in the area use to enjoy the beauty of nature. Landak Regency has several hills that are used as tourist destinations, and Bukit Puntong Sumiak has an opportunity for that. Currently Bukit Puntong Sumiak is still overgrown with wild grass, which makes this area look messy and not beautiful. Therefore, LindungiHutan through a nature campaign will plant trembesi trees that can be used for forest reforestation, improve air quality, absorb ground water supplies, and protect from the scorching sun and rain due to its wide canopy. According to research, trembesi trees are capable of absorbing 28,442 kg of carbon dioxide per tree every year. The trembesi tree is known as a rain tree because water often drips from the top of the tree. Until 2021, LindungiHutan has planted 2229 trees in 5.57 ha area and absorbed 0.8 tons of CO2 eq.

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