Pantai Alam Indah, Kota Tegal, Jawa Tengah


Status: Ongoing

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Assisted Natural Regeneration

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    Deforested land

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Alam Indah Beach (abbreviated as PAI) is a beach tourism object located in Tegal City. PAI offers the calm beauty of the Java Sea, complemented by the supporting facilities provided. PAI's current situation is starting to worry because the coastal abrasion that has hit has caused the loss of up to 50 meters of land. If conditions like this are allowed to continue, the land around PAI will disappear due to coastal abrasion and tidal flooding. The LindungiHutan through nature campaign will plant sea cypress trees which can prevent beach abrasion because cypress trees have excellent resistance to sea water and strong wind shocks. In fact, because of its very strong resistance, cypress trees can withstand tsunami waves. This tree can also cool coastal areas, fertilize the soil so that it can form new land.

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