Dusun Tangkolak, Kabupaten Karawang, Jawa Barat


Status: Ongoing

Type of intervention

Conservation and Ecosystem Protection

  • Pre-intervention land use

    Degraded aquatic habitats

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  • Post-intervention land cover


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Karawang is one of the regencies in West Java province. In addition to the stretch of rice which is very synonymous with the city's nickname, it turns out that the northern part of Karawang is directly adjacent to the Java Sea. In West Java itself, Karawang is an area that has the longest coastline of approximately 84 km. In addition, the coastal areas in Karawang save millions of natural beauty, ranging from the charm of the open sea to mangrove forests which have great potential to be used as marine tourism. One of the hamlets on the Karawang coast is Tangkolak Hamlet, located in Sukakerta Village, Cilamaya Wetan District. The majority of the population there work as fishermen. From the geographical location of Tangkolak which is close to the sea, it turns out that tidal floods often hit the area. As a result, the beauty of Tangkolak instantly vanished. This is because many mangrove trees were damaged and even the rob water entered the settlements of local residents. Now, the condition of the mangrove forest in Tangkolak is increasingly apprehensive. For this reason, action and development are needed to make Tangkolak Indah return. Until 2021, LindungiHutan has planted 1600 trees in 4 ha of area and absorbed 1.9 tons of CO2 ekv.

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