United Republic of TanzaniaRestoration

Lushoto, B2C


Status: Ongoing

Type of intervention

Active Restoration

  • Pre-intervention land use

    Deforested land

  • Start intervention


  • Post-intervention land cover

    Natural forest

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Our planting partner “Friends of Usambara” is playing a crucial role by consistently working to restore degraded forests in the district of Lushoto, northwest of the Kilimanjaro region. They work together with locals to grow and care for their trees, restoring the biodiverse habitats of the region. Sustainable tourism is developed by Friends of Usambara, linking the tourism sector to biodiversity conservation. The venture has a strong community impact as tourism now provides an additional source of income for the locals. Beautiful hiking trails through the Ndelemai woodlands and explorations along the river valley of Bangala have become possible once again with the help of planting trees in this area.

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  • Conserve biodiversity


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