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The site is located in the Mau Region of southern Kenya. Between 1990 and 2015, 311,000 hectares of forest were lost in Kenya, and in 2019 the government set a target of increasing tree cover by 10% by 2022. Restoring forests will support local biodiversity - providing shelter, shade and food for many species. Planting native trees allows areas to naturally regenerate, encouraging plants and animals to return to areas where they used to live. A wide variety of native species will be planted in this site, including trees that will provide new food sources for local people, including avocado, lemon and papaya trees. Seeds are sourced locally from nearby existing forests, and prepared for planting in the nurseries by forming small seed balls, which are a mixture of soil, compost and seeds. The seed balls can be made in the dry season in preparation for planting in the rainy season The seeds are germinated and nurtured in the local nurseries to ensure high germination rates and to raise strong, healthy seedlings. Over the course of the project, more than 14, million native species Afromontane trees will be planted at the site.

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