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Thousands of local communities, NGOs, governments, and businesses share and monitor their projects on Restor, the largest network of conservation and restoration sites across the globe.

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A global movement

Restor partners with the world’s most impactful organizations to build a global restoration movement.

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Transparency and connectivity for restoration and conservation efforts around the world

A global network of actors is working together to advance critical nature-based solutions. Restor enables the exchange of data, local knowledge, and funds between them.

Upload your sites to Restor and connect with a global community of restoration and conservation experts. Restor makes it easy to share insights, progress, and funding needs with your partners, supporters, and local community.

Bring credibility and trust to your projects by sharing who you partner with and how. Increase your visibility so businesses and practitioners can get in touch for the next project.

Share your pledges and sustainability practices with the world. Monitor progress and bring transparency to your work by sharing where you are working and who you partner with.

Let us know about new data or maps the community would benefit from, or apply to use Restor to enhance your research and improve our understanding of the world.

Monitor your ecosystem protection and restoration programs. Share your progress and collaborate with key stakeholders.


Every project that lives on Restor has its own story to tell. Read them here.

The restoration of nature is for the benefit of local people and the biodiversity they depend on. As the network of collective action grows, it benefits all of us.
Thomas Crowther, Professor for Ecosystem Ecology, Founder of Restor

How can you help

Everyone can be a restoration champion, including you. Start here if you are looking for ways to support the conservation and restoration of nature.

Repairing the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Share the Restor platform, Restories, and site profiles on social media to raise awareness for the restoration movement and inspire action!

Restoration can improve local biodiversity and increase resilience to extreme weather. Use Restor to find a project near you and sign up for activities such as site preparation, tree planting, and more!

A donation to a restoration project is a gift that will help improve food security, prevent species extinctions, and reduce the impacts of climate change. Use Restor to find projects that need financial support.

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