Our mission

Restor is accelerating the conservation and restoration of nature for the benefit of people, biodiversity, and climate. Restor connects people and projects to scientific data, monitoring tools, funding, and each other to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of these efforts. We believe that anyone can be a restoration champion.

10 things to know about Restor

  • Community

    Restor is for everyone

    If you are connected to nature conservation or restoration, whether directly or indirectly, we are building Restor for you.

  • Community

    Restor is an impact-driven, not-for-profit organization

    We exist to help restoration and those who practice it succeed.

  • Community

    Restor is a collaborative network

    We are working with thousands of restoration projects and leading organizations around the world to strengthen the restoration movement. We invite you to join the Restor community!

  • Land

    Restor believes conservation is fundamental

    The first step in global restoration is the conservation of ecosystems that currently exist. We urgently need to conserve what we have and restore what is degraded.

  • Land

    Restor is for all ecosystems and management types

    Restor is not just about trees or forests, but also about grasslands, wetlands, coastal habitats and all the other places that support life on Earth.

  • Land

    Data on Restor does not necessarily represent land ownership

    Land tenure can be complex, and site data on our platform does not necessarily reflect ownership. We ask that all users respect land ownership and traditional land tenure.

  • Science

    Restor’s data is based on global models

    We use the best global data sets available, but accuracy and uncertainty varies. Restor will continue evolving as the science improves. The platform is constantly incorporating new data from global models, on-the-ground research, and user-shared data. We invite your suggestions.

  • Science

    Restor is descriptive, not prescriptive

    We do not tell you how to use data or how to run your restoration project.

  • Transparency

    Restor does not validate projects

    We provide transparency, allowing the restoration community to learn from each other and hold one another accountable.

  • Transparency

    Restor does not sell your data

    The data you share is for the restoration and scientific communities.

How it all started

The story of Restor is deeply rooted in science

Founded by ETH Zurich's Crowther Lab, the first version of Restor was developed in collaboration with Google in 2020 and aimed at supporting restoration practitioners around the world.

Earthshot Prize

Restor was a finalist for the Royal Foundation's 2021 Earthshot Prize and is an official partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Beyond today

The development of Restor’s platform is informed by its users. We continue to listen and act upon the feedback of Restor’s community.  We remain committed to providing the transparency and connectivity critical to accelerating restoration action.

Meet the team