How it works

Restor brings transparency, connectivity, and ecological insights to restoration and conservation efforts around the world. The Restor platform is easy to use and insights are based on the best available science and technology.


Analyse restoration potential for any area anywhere

Draw a polygon around your site of interest and get insights on:

  • Local biodiversity
  • Current and potential soil carbon
  • And other variables like land cover patterns, soil pH, and annual rainfall

Monitor all your restoration projects in one place

In your Restor Dashboard you can:

  • Monitor site change over time with best in class satellite imagery
  • Add your own photos and share ground data
  • Track progress using scientific metrics
Show and tell

Publish projects to show progress

Transparency accelerates restoration action

  • Publish your sites to make them accessible to the Restor community
  • Link to your organization's website directly to Restor

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Restor is a Swiss nonprofit, with 501(c)(3) equivalency.

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