Let’s restore
nature together

Restoring nature is a huge opportunity

Bringing back healthy forests, grasslands, coastlines, and oceans is critical for communities and climate. Achieving restoration at scale requires that we act together.

Restor connects people and projects to data, funding, and each other to accelerate learning and action.

Connect for impact

A global network of actors is working together to advance restoration. Restor brings these actors together to enable the exchange of data, funding, and local knowledge.

  • Upload your sites to Restor and connect with a global community of restoration and conservation experts. Restor makes it easy to share insights, progress, and funding needs with your partners, supporters, and local community.

  • Bring credibility and trust to your projects by sharing who you partner with and how. Increase your visibility so businesses and practitioners can get in touch for the next project.

  • Share your pledges and sustainability practices with the world. Monitor progress and bring transparency to your work by sharing where you are working and who you partner with.

  • Let us know about new data or maps the community would benefit from, or apply to use Restor to enhance your research and improve our understanding of the world.

  • Monitor your ecosystem protection and restoration programs. Share your progress and collaborate with key stakeholders.

Our team and advisors

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, technologists, and sustainability professionals.

  • Irene Suárez Pérez

    Irene Suárez Pérez

    Board Advisor

  • Thomas Crowther

    Thomas Crowther

    Professor of Global Ecosystem Ecology and Founder of Restor

  • Kate E. Brandt

    Kate E. Brandt

    Chief Sustainability Officer, Google

  • Susan Chomba

    Susan Chomba

    Director for Vital Landscapes, World Resources Institute

A global movement

Restor partners with the world’s most impactful organizations to build a global restoration movement.

  • Logo of 1t.org
  • Logo of Ecosystem Restoration
  • Logo of WWF
  • Logo of Jane Goodall Institute
  • Logo of Coalizão Brasil Clima
  • Logo of MINAE

10 things to know about Restor

  • label.community

    Restor is for everyone

  • label.community

    Restor is an impact-driven, not-for-profit organization

  • label.community

    Restor is a collaborative network

  • label.land

    Restor believes conservation is fundamental

  • label.land

    Restor is for all ecosystems and management types

  • label.land

    Data on Restor does not necessarily represent land ownership

  • label.science

    Restor’s data is based on global models

  • label.science

    Restor is descriptive, not prescriptive

  • label.transparency

    Restor does not validate projects

  • label.transparency

    Restor does not sell your data

Donating to Restor

Our work is made possible by your generous support. Restor is a charitable foundation under Swiss Law and a US 501(c)(3) public charity equivalent.

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