Champions of nature: highlighting five women in the Restor community


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Restor Communications

  1. The Wildlife Restorer: Linda Sparrow Bangalow Koalas
    Linda Sparrow
    Meet Linda, the driving force behind Bangalow Koalas, an environmental nonprofit on a mission to protect and restore native habitats for endangered species like the cutest Koalas. Starting with just a few passionate individuals, the organization has grown into a symbol of hope.By creating a wildlife corridor across the Northern Rivers of NSW, Bangalow Koalas are connecting vital habitats in strategic locations for koalas and many other native species.  Inspired by her deep love for Koalas and other at-risk creatures, Linda and her team have set a remarkable goal: to plant 500,000 trees by 2025. They call it "500,000 Reasons for Hope," a name that reflects their belief in the power of every single tree to make a difference in the world. Read more about Bangalow Koalas here.
  2. The Community Leader: Laís D'Isep dos Santos Black Jaguar Foundation
    Laís D'Isep dos Santos
    Laís D'Isep serves as a guiding force within the Ressemear (Araguaia Seed Network), collaborating closely with women from local communities, predominantly family farmers, who gather native seeds for restoration initiatives. She draws her determination from the indigenous women she works with. These women, as leaders and catalysts within their families, fearlessly embark on new ventures, fueled by their dreams and a shared commitment to enriching their communities through the preservation of standing forests. Read more about Black Jaguar Foundation here.
  3. The Activist: Analí Bustos Reserva Natural Monte Alegre
    Analí Bustos
    People are Analí’s main strength. She generates impact not only on the ground but also through people. Restoration is always done together with the communities. At Monte Alegre, she works on restoring native forests, livelihoods, and nature. In her eyes, there's no greater joy than witnessing the transformation unfold, the land coming alive once more under their care. But Analí’s vision extends beyond the trees and the soil; she dreams of a world where women and girls stand tall in the fields and forests, reclaiming their rightful place as stewards of the land. For Analí - it's a calling, a love affair with the land that knows no bounds. Read more about Reserva Natural Monte Alegre here.
  4. The Farmer: Syamsinah CarbonEthics
    In the coastal town of Tanjungpinang, Indonesia, Syamsinah is a leader with a mission. Since 2019, she's been rallying her community to plant mangroves in Dompak, totaling an impressive 131,900 trees. But her work doesn't stop there. Syamsinah heads the mangrove farmers' community at CarbonEthics, driven by a simple goal: to make a positive impact on the environment. As a woman in charge, she taps into the strengths and empathy of her female peers to tackle challenges head-on.What sets Syamsinah apart is her practical approach to community development. She's not just planting trees; she's finding ways to use mangroves sustainably. From making soap to crafting batik cloth, she's helping her community thrive while preserving the natural beauty around them. Read more about CarbonEthics here.
  5. The Conservation Champion: Anita Diederichsen WWF and GPFLR
    I deeply care for nature and this is where I source my energy from; dedicating my life for nature conservation and restoration felt like a natural move for me.“ Anita has been working for conservation and restoration for more than 20 years. She is currently leading the Global work on Forest Landscape Restoration in WWF, and also chairs the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration (GPFLR). In both her roles she promotes the need to work on building a pathway to implement high-quality Forest Landscape Restoration. She is a Restor Ambassador by heart and invites everyone to join the global movement for restoration. Read more about WWF International here.






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