Restor Café - Dry Ecosystems

Restor Café - Dry Ecosystems

Simeon Max

Restoration practitioners working on the restoration of dry ecosystems shared their experiences of specific approaches with other community members: dealing with a lack of rain, dry soils, and changing climate. Eleven different methods were discussed and the pros and cons of each were highlighted by the practitioners. The half-moon bunds method, practiced by community members LEAD Foundation / Justdiggit in Kenya received vivid applause from their peers!

Quotes from the event

Restoration organizations do share very few info, unfortunately..even within the same country. Bringing neighboring countries and same countries together might boost cross-organization learning. We might know each other, but we don't talk... I don't think a whatsapp or facebook group will ever work. A more structured platform like Restor could do the trick! In Zambia, we need a neutral body which is taking the lead in bringing learning and partners together.

Kudos to the Restor Café team for organising the meeting. Hope this could rise to one of the biggest platforms for sharing experiences with restoration partners around the world

I liked that the discussions were open as it made it more insightful. Although it might require more sessions.






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